Ubuntu 10.0.4 | Slow Internet Browsing

Just installed Ubuntu 10.0.4 on a new Dell System and was experiencing slow browsing speeds with firefox on a 10Mb cable connection, a google search revealed the following (Have yet to try though – I have disabled ipv6 in firefox as per the article, will see if that helps after a restart of firefox).

Article Source | SAZEIT | UbuntuTweaks

In some cases disabling IPv6 can make a big difference in Firefox’s performance.
The Simplest way to turn off IPv6 protocols is to type: about:config in Firefox’s url address bar, then, in the filter type:IPv6.
The first line will read:network.dns.disableIPv6...default...boolean....false
Double-click the line to toggle it to true instead of false

Doing the above and restarting Firefox has definitely improved the browsing experience and sites are loading as normal, I will have a look on how to disable IPV6 System wide and will report back on that too, but so far I think just disabling in Firefox has done the trick – Thanks Sazeit

To disable IPv6 for the entire system, open a terminal and type:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Now find the line that reads:


and change it to:


Save, exit and restart.
You might want to time the loading of a couple of different sites before making the changes so you can gauge the effectiveness of the tweak.
In my case Firefox beat Google Chrome hands down with this tweak, but results will vary depending on your hardware.


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